Project for planning of study and career in USA

Client from US

Contracted via: 

Syntactic Sugar s. r. o. -

10 years
What we did: 
  • Active communication with US Product manager, requirements clarification
  • Check of requirements validity
  • Performation of demo in the end of each sprint, presentation of new features to client
  • Regression testing
  • Manual testing of application and new requirements

  • Application layer and UI implementation

  • Services implementation
  • System integration
  • Complex architecture design (SOA)

  • High-performance database and data sources design

  • Processing and conversion of big data (ETL)
  • Implementation of wrappers for old components
  • SCRUM methodology in direct cooperation with client

  • Complex build environment, automated deployemts, uniform development environment for all developers

  • Autotests
  • Extensive loadtesting